RemMe? makes it fun to learn names, faces, birthdays and the other details about the people in your Contact List. It unlocks the information in your Contact List and helps you remember the things you want to remember!

RemMe? is available to download from Google Play (Free version).

RemMe? was designed by a professional educator who has a terrible time putting names to faces and a student who wants to be able to impress his friends by knowing their birthdays and full names. It does that by asking a variety of types of questions about the people in their Contact List, all in a game format.

First, you pick the types of information you want to learn, such as First or Given Name, Birthday, Last or Surname, Address, Phone Number or anything else in your Contact List. RemMe? uses a random mixture of matching, true/false, and multiple choice questions in a timed period. You are scored on the number of questions you get correct or speed in which you answer. As levels progress, the times get shorter and the questions get harder (based on the number of times you have missed information about that person.)

RemMe? asks questions only about information you do have, and will never try to use information you have not stored. For example, if you have no photo for a particular person, it will ask questions about the first or given name, the last or surname, birthday, etc. Questions requiring photos will not appear.

This game is currently in Beta - it’s not quite finished. However we are offering it at a special introductory price, and you’ll never have to pay again! You’ll be sent free updates as they are released and you’ll get a free copy of the full final version when it comes out!