Network Spoofer FAQ

Network Spoofer doesn't work!

Firstly, make sure that you are connected to the correct wireless network, and have chosen the correct settings in the app. If you are definitely sure it's not working, please get in touch with me.

Network Spoofer gets detected by my antivirus software

Network Spoofer is detected as a virus by some programs due to the way these programs search for viruses – see the ‘Effectiveness‘ section of the wikipedia page on Heuristic analysis.

Other problems are caused by antivirus software on your phone - this doesn't mean it's malicious. Please note that Network Spoofer is not a virus, malware or any sort of spyware – nothing is done to your phone, only to websites visited. No data is collected from these websites.

Network Spoofer stops working after some amount of time

Try leaving your phone screen on - some phones go to sleep when the screen is off - this can stop Network Spoofer from working.